Addictive Drums v3.0 Crack + Torrent Free (Complete Collection)

Addictive Drums v3.0 Crack + Torrent Free (Complete Collection)

Addictive Drums Crack 3 (AD2) is a popular XLN Audio virtual drum production studio. After playing with it for a few weeks, I decided to share my thoughts on this drum software. Spoiler alert: it’s amazing. The drum sound is incredibly realistic and the sound quality of AD2 is fantastic. It is easy to use and has tons of options to sculpt the sound to your liking. Its easy integration with electronic drums also makes it a popular choice for electronic drummers. Just to let you know, this post contains affiliate links for which we can make a small commission at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase. We are passionate about music and our recommendations are genuine.

Addictive Drums 32 Crack comes standard with three extraordinary drum kits including both of our acclaimed Fairfax kits (recorded at the legendary Los Angeles studio formerly known as Sound City) and the loud, large, and luxurious Black Velvet! The package includes 130 presets ranging from super-clean to highly polished and radio-ready to heavily processed and distorted.

What is Addictive Drums v3.0Crack?

Addictive Drums v3.0 Crack is a drum production studio that acts as standalone software or runs as a plugin in your DAW. Its main purpose is to help you create great sounding drum tracks, without going through the expense of getting a drummer and recording a real drum set. It contains a great library of beats that you can drag onto your DAW as MIDI files and tweak them however way you want to suit your music. The video below is a nice demo of some of the different preset sounds that you can get out of AD2.

What is XLN Audio Addictive Drums 3 VST?

Tweak any of the professionally designed presets or build up a custom kit from scratch, it’s your choice. Addictive Drums 2 is packed with mixing and sound-shaping features that let you transform the raw sounds in amazing ways. Whether you need your drums to sound open and crystal-clear or produced and radio-ready, or grungy and heavily distorted, AD2 has studio-grade tools to get the job done.

Addictive Drums 2 from XLN Audio brings the world`s best drums straight into your music. You get outstanding drums, professionally-played rhythms, phenomenal sound-shaping mixing features that make your productions sound alive. All this with a quick, musician-centric interface that will get superb outcomes without getting in your method. This providing includes the AD2 engine along with our bestselling Fairfax Vol. 2, Black Velvet drum kits so you will get to work on your most spectacular music instantly.

You additionally get a Core MIDI Library containing over 5000 inspiring beats and grooves overlaying many kinds. You can use them as-is or simply tweak them to make them uniquely yours. Addictive Drums 2 brings the world’s most interesting drums straight into your music.

How Addictive Drums Torrent Works?

With Addictive Drums Crack, you can start creating drum tracks with two clicks of your mouse. Simply select the kit you want (E.g. The ‘Fairfax vol 1.’ kit) and click one of the presets. Clicking on these presets will start a drumbeat while also tweaking the effects to the value of that preset. By quickly jumping between these presets, you can see how many different sound options you can get from one kit. That’s without even diving deep into the kit and effects settings. Note, each different kit is known as an ‘ADpak’. You can buy the ‘Complete Collection’, which includes all the ADpaks, or you can choose a cheaper package if you only need a small amount of ADpaks.

There are kits for most genres that you can think of, from rock, pop, indie, electronic, R&B, metal, jazz, funk, and more.

Playing Different Beats

When you find a kit that you like, you can go right into the Beats section and select from a vast range of different types of drum beats, also with the options to transform how those beats are played. Alternatively, you can play beats either through MIDI directly in your DAW (e.g. Ableton Live, Logic Pro, etc) using your keyboard, MIDI Keyboard, or Electronic Drum Set.

Configuring Your Kit:

The kit sounds that you initially hear are just the default versions. You can change any sound you want by going to the ‘Kits’ tab.

What does every drummer talk about when they hear a drum kit sound? The Snare!

Simply changing the snare to a different selection can really change the sound of the kit.

There are also expansions to the available sounds known as Kitpiece Paks. These work the same as the other ‘paks’ we talked about separately. If you have the AD2 complete collection, then you will have access to all the paks. If you get a cheaper package then you might have fewer available, with the option to buy extras if you want.

Sculpting The Sound:

If you want to dig deeper into sculpting the sound of the kit then you can do so via the edit tab. More, If you have some experience in music mixing, production, or audio engineering then you’ll probably understand what most of these panels do straight away.

If everything is looking very confusing to you, then some processing that I would recommend initially playing around with are the ‘Tape & Shape’ section of the Edit tab and the Dealer of the FX tab. They are very fun to use. With any effect, it’s advisable to use them sparingly and with good taste!

The top panel (kit piece select) lets you tweak the sound of each individual part of the kit. This includes options such as ‘Cut’ which defines which frequencies you want to pass through, or pitch altering.

The master panel allows you to apply to processes such as compression, EQ, tape & shape, noise, and frequency cut.

The FX tab includes two ‘Delerb’ channels, which each allows you to apply any combination of Reverb and Delay, along with some of the usual options that you commonly see in these tools.


I have been very impressed by AD2. Its sounds are very realistic and there are many sound processing options in a very easy-to-use package.

You can get drum beats rolling in the space of a few seconds. You can spend a lot of time crafting the exact sound you want.

I expect that AD2 would be a very useful tool for any producer. As well as electronic drummers that want to start exploring a vast amount of new sounds.

System Requirement


  • Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit only)
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • Standalone Application


  • macOS 10.8 or newer
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • VST, AU, AAX (32 & 64 bit)

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