Plugin Alliance 100 Lindell Bundle v1.1.0 (Mac) Full Torrent Download

Plugin Alliance Bundle Free Download – Crack Mac Windows 2022 Download

Plugin Alliance Bundle Free Download – Crack Mac Windows 2022 Download

Plugin Alliance Mac 100 Bundle macOS version includes all four plug-ins made by the company: the 254E, PEX-500, 7X-500, and 6X-500. The collection comprises digital emulations with significant modifications of classic Neve, Pultec, and UREI hardware units and the modern Lindell 6X-500 (a transformer-coupled preamp and 2-band, passive equalizer). I reviewed Version 1 of the bundle in Digital Performer V. 8.06 and 9.01 (DP), using an 8-core Mac Pro running OS X 10.9.5.

Plugin Alliance 100 Lindell Bundle v1.1.0 (Mac) Full Torrent Download

7x-500 Limiter:

The 7X-500 models the Lindell Audio FET compressor by the same name. A UREI 1176-inspired processor, the GUI provides both continuously variable and stepped attack and release time controls; a button activates the continuously variable controls. The stepped controls are three-way switches with slow, medium and fast settings. Other buttons toggle the compressor and stereo linking on and off, and a rotary control varies the amount of inter-channel linking from 0 (fully unlinked) to 100%. Other virtual knobs adjust input gain (and simultaneously threshold), makeup gain and dry/wet mix (for implementing parallel compression). Two three-way switches respectively select the ratio (4:1, 12:1 or 100:1) and the corner frequency for the sidechain’s HPF (100 or 300 Hz, or unfiltered). A 20-segment, LED-style gain-reduction meter completes the package.

6x-500 Preamp and Eq:

This plug-in emulates the analog Lindell 6X-500. High- and low-frequency boost controls act on switch-selectable frequencies: 6, 10 or 16 kHz for high bell-curve boost, and 30, 60, or 100 Hz for a low-shelving boost. (These filters can only boost, not cut.) You can separately adjust the provided high- and lowpass filters between 20 and 20,000 Hz and select any of five available slopes—ranging from 6 to 36 dB/octave—for each filter; the HPF and LPF can also be independently bypassed. Two switches respectively invert the plug-in’s phase and bypass its boost circuits.

The PEX-500, 6X-500, and 7X-500 each provide an Analog button; when it’s switched on, it emulates the noise, output-transformer saturation and power-supply hum produced by the plug-in’s hardware counterpart.

Rock on:

The 7X-500 sounded phenomenal on a crunchy electric guitar vamp. The guitarist played palm-muted, descending eighth notes on the lower strings alternately with blazing triads on the higher strings. By selecting a medium attack, fast release, 100:1 ratio and 300Hz corner frequency for the sidechain’s HPF, I could make the 7X-500 clamp down hardest on the triads and make the crunchy, staccato bassline pop out and drive the groove. Awesome! The 7X-500 also sounded very good on bass guitar with a parallel-compression setup; a slow attack and fast release made the track pulse and activating the Analog function warmed the sound nicely.

The 254E sounded outstanding on room mics for drums in fact, better than the 1176-inspired 7X-500 (which was ho-hum in this application). Using a fast attack and recovery for the compressor and a 6:1 ratio produced an explosive sound. I could tailor how much the kick got compressed versus the snare by adjusting the sidechain frequency between roughly 80 and 200 Hz. Using similar settings, but using parallel compression and kicking in the limiter, lent an urgent sound to rock male vocals; I could strongly emphasize the singer’s breathing, lending a desperate vibe to the track. Cool!

Software Info:

  • Plugin Alliance
  • Lindell Audio
  • %100 Lindell Bundle
  • v1.1.0
  • Mac OS X

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