SPL 100% Bundle (Mac) With Keygen + Torrent Free Download

SPL 100% Bundle (Mac) With Keygen + Torrent Free Download

SPL 100% Bundle Mac from SPL rounds up the company’s entire line of plug-ins for the ultimate collection of audio mixing tools. Transient Designer, Vitalizer, De-Essers, EQs, and Saturation are just a few of the plug-ins included. Also included in the bundle (no link) is the SPL Free Ranger plug-in, based upon the Full Ranger-EQ from the EQ Rangers series. It is limited to four very useful center frequency bands; 40 and 150 Hz, and 1.8 and 16 kHz.

The processing of drum and percussion sounds is the most typical application, but it is in no way limited to that category. Instruments can be mixed at lower levels while still maintaining their positions in the mix and occupying less space. An output gain control compensates for level changes after processing the signal, providing a simple and safe adjustment of levels while helping avoid any clipping.

Ultimate Plugins Pack VST VST3 AU TDM RTAS MAC OSX + Manuals

All plugins are tested and working.
Maybe you can find something useful for yourself in this pack.


Abbey Road Brilliance Pack 1.0.6:
RS127 Box TDM.pkg 2.5 MB
RS127 Rack TDM.pkg 2.6 MB
RS135 TDM.pkg 2.1 MB

Softube All Plugin Bundle 1.0.2:
Acoustic Feedback Deluxe TDM.pkg 5.9 MB
Softube Vintage Amp Room TDM.pkg 7.9 MB
FET Compressor TDM.pkg 9.9 MB

RTAS.mpkg 202.7 MB:

Abbey Road Brilliance Pack 1.0.6 RTAS.mpkg 6.5 MB:
RS127 Box RTAS.pkg 2.2 MB
RS127 Rack RTAS.pkg 2.3 MB
RS135 RTAS.pkg 1.9 MB

Bonus non-iLok plugins RTAS.mpkg 20.6 MB:
FabFilter.mpkg 20.6 MB:
FabFilter Pro-C RTAS.pkg 4.2 MB
FabFilter Pro-Q RTAS.pkg 3.9 MB
FabFilter Timeless 2 RTAS.pkg 6.3 MB
FabFilter Volcano 2 RTAS.pkg 6.3 MB

BrainWorx Complete Bundle 2.0.1 RTAS.mpkg 39.9 MB:
bx_boom RTAS.pkg 15.7 MB
bx_control RTAS.pkg 1.2 MB
bx_digital V2 RTAS.pkg 5.1 MB
bx_dynEQ Mono RTAS.pkg 5.4 MB
bx_dynEQ RTAS.pkg 7.3 MB
bx_hybrid RTAS.pkg 3.4 MB
bx_solo RTAS.pkg 1.7 MB

Lexicon PCM Reverb 1.0.4 RTAS.mpkg 20.5 MB:
LexChamber RTAS.pkg 2.2 MB
LexConcertHall RTAS.pkg 2.1 MB
LexHall RTAS.pkg 2.1 MB
LexPlate RTAS.pkg 2.2 MB
LexRandomHall RTAS.pkg 2.1 MB
LexRoom RTAS.pkg 2.3 MB
LexVintagePlate RTAS.pkg 2.2 MB
LexiconPCMnative RTAS (Required).pkg 5.3 MB

SPL Plug-In Bundle Native Complete 1.2 RTAS.mpkg 16.9 MB:
SPL Attacker RTAS.pkg 2.1 MB
SPL Bass Ranger RTAS.pkg 1.5 MB
SPL De-Verb RTAS.pkg 2.1 MB
SPL Full Ranger RTAS.pkg 1.5 MB
SPL Mo-Verb RTAS.pkg 2.1 MB
SPL Transient Designer RTAS.pkg 2.2 MB
SPL TwinTube RTAS.pkg 2.3 MB
SPL Vitalizer MK2-T RTAS.pkg 1.6 MB
SPL Vox Ranger RTAS.pkg 1.5 MB

Softube All Plugin Bundle 1.0.2 RTAS.mpkg 98.4 MB:

Amp Room Bundle RTAS.mpkg 24.1 MB:
Bass Amp Room RTAS.pkg 10.4 MB
Metal Amp Room RTAS.pkg 6.5 MB
Vintage Amp Room RTAS.pkg 7.1 MB

Effect Bundle.mpkg 26.2 MB:
Acoustic Feedback RTAS.pkg 5.6 MB
Spring Reverb RTAS.pkg 6.5 MB
Tube Delay RTAS.pkg 9.5 MB
WhiteAmpDemo RTAS.pkg 4.6 MB

FET Compressor RTAS.pkg 9.6 MB

Passice-Active Pack RTAS.mpkg 17.5 MB:
Active Equalizer RTAS.pkg 4.6 MB
Focusing Equalizer RTAS.pkg 8.8 MB
Passive Equalizer RTAS.pkg 4.1 MB

Trident A-Range RTAS.pkg 6.9 MB
Tube-Tech CL 1B RTAS.pkg 14.2 MB

Audio Units.mpkg 360.2 MB:

Abbey Road Brilliance Pack 1.0.6 AU.mpkg 4.6 MB:
RS127 Box AU.pkg 1.6 MB
RS127 Rack AU.pkg 1.7 MB
RS135 AU.pkg 1.3 MB

Antares AVOX Evo 3.0.2 AU.mpkg 100.5 MB:
Auto-Tune Evo AU.pkg 13.3 MB
AVOX DUO AU.pkg 7.5 MB
AVOX WARM AU.pkg 11.6 MB

Bonus non-iLok plugins AU.mpkg 16.3 MB:
FabFilter AU.mpkg 16.3 MB

BrainWorx Complete Bundle 2.0.1 AU.mpkg 33.4 MB:
bx_boom AU.pkg 14.8 MB
bx_control AU.pkg 606.6 KB
bx_digital V2 AU.pkg 4.1 MB
bx_dynEQ AU.pkg 6.3 MB
bx_dynEQ Mono AU.pkg 4.4 MB
bx_hybrid AU.pkg 2.7 MB
bx_solo AU.pkg 458.0 KB

Lexicon PCM Reverb 1.0.4 AU.mpkg 31.4 MB:
LexChamber AU.pkg 3.7 MB
LexConcertHall AU.pkg 3.7 MB
LexHall AU.pkg 3.7 MB
LexPlate AU.pkg 3.7 MB
LexRandomHall AU.pkg 3.7 MB
LexRoom AU.pkg 3.8 MB
LexVintagePlate AU.pkg 3.7 MB
LexiconPCMnative AU (Required).pkg 5.3 MB

SPL Plug-In Bundle Native Complete 1.2 AU.mpkg 8.1 MB:
SPL Attacker AU.pkg 1.1 MB
SPL Bass Ranger AU.pkg 552.4 KB
SPL De-Verb AU.pkg 1.1 MB
SPL Full Ranger AU.pkg 552.1 KB
SPL Mo-Verb AU.pkg 1.1 MB
SPL Transient Designer AU.pkg 1.2 MB
SPL TwinTube AU.pkg 1.3 MB
SPL Vitalizer MK2-T AU.pkg 623.0 KB
SPL Vox Ranger AU.pkg 552.6 KB

Softube All Plugin Bundle 1.0.2 AU.mpkg 87.6 MB:
Amp Room Bundle AU.mpkg 22.0 MB
Effect Bundle AU.mpkg 23.5 MB
FET Compressor AU.pkg 8.9 MB
Passice-Active Pack AU.mpkg 15.4 MB
Trident A-Range AU.pkg 4.4 MB
Tube-Tech CL 1B AU.pkg 13.6 MB

Soundtoys Native Bundle 4.0.1 AU.mpkg 71.9 MB:
Crystallizer AU.pkg 8.7 MB
Decapitator AU.pkg 18.4 MB
Echoboy AU.pkg 9.2 MB
FilterFreak AU.pkg 9.0 MB
PanMan AU.pkg 8.9 MB
PhaseMistress AU.pkg 8.9 MB
Tremolator AU.pkg 8.7 MB

URS Strip Pro 2.0 AU.pkg 3.4 MB
VocALign PRO 4.0.1 AU.pkg 3.0 MB

VST.mpkg 251.5 MB:

Abbey Road Brilliance Pack 1.0.6 VST.mpkg 4.6 MB:
RS127 Box VST.pkg 1.6 MB
RS127 Rack VST.pkg 1.7 MB
RS135 VST.pkg 1.3 MB

Bonus non-iLok plugins VST.mpkg 18.2 MB:
FabFilter VST.mpkg 18.2 MB
FabFilter Pro-C VST.pkg 3.9 MB
FabFilter Pro-Q VST.pkg 2.9 MB
FabFilter Timeless 2 VST.pkg 5.5 MB
FabFilter Volcano 2 VST.pkg 6.0 MB

BrainWorx Complete Bundle 2.0.1 VST.mpkg 35.0 MB:
bx_boom VST.pkg 14.8 MB
bx_control VST.pkg 628.2 KB
bx_digital V2 VST.pkg 4.1 MB
bx_dynEQ Mono VST.pkg 4.4 MB
bx_dynEQ VST.pkg 6.3 MB
bx_hybrid 1.0 VST.pkg 2.0 MB
bx_hybrid 2.0 VST.pkg 2.3 MB
bx_solo VST.pkg 474.5 KB

Lexicon PCM Reverb 1.0.4 VST.mpkg 15.9 MB:
LexChamber VST.pkg 1.5 MB
LexConcertHall VST.pkg 1.5 MB
LexHall VST.pkg 1.5 MB
LexPlate VST.pkg 1.5 MB
LexRandomHall VST.pkg 1.5 MB
LexRoom VST.pkg 1.6 MB
LexVintagePlate VST.pkg 1.5 MB
LexiconPCMnative VST (Required).pkg 5.3 MB

Abbey Road Brilliance Pack Manuals.pkg 734.6 KB

BrainWorx Complete Bundle Manuals.mpkg 11.0 MB:
bx_control v2 TDM & Native Manual.pkg 1.9 MB
bx_hybrid Manual.pkg 1.5 MB
bx_digital V2 Mono Manual.pkg 1.6 MB
bx_digital V2 TDM & Native Manual.pkg 2.1 MB
bx_boom! TDM & Native Manual.pkg 1.8 MB
bx_dynEQ TDM & Natice Manual.pkg 2.2 MB

SPL Plug-In Bundle Native Complete Manuals.mpkg 7.1 MB:
SPL EQ Rangers Vol 1 Manual.pkg 2.5 MB
SPL Transient Designer Manual.pkg 1.4 MB
SPL TwinTube Manual.pkg 1.3 MB
SPL Vitalizer MK2-T Manual.pkg 1.8 MB

Software Information:

  • SPL 100%: Attacker, De-Essers, De-Verb, DrumXChanger, EQ Ranger Plus, Free Ranger, Mo-Verb, Passeq, Transient Designer Plus, TwinTube, Vitalizer MK2-T
  • Plugin Alliance
  • 2.1
  • 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Format: VST, VST3, AU (Component)
  • Mac OSx 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14
  • Instructions: Attached

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